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Cultural Tour

Culture & Wildlife Tour

People Water Land Join us for an extraordinary cultural adventure from Campbell River, across the magical Salish Sea and to the enchanting historical village of Aupe. Immerse yourself in the story of Xwémalhkwu, the “people of fast running waters”, watch whales (Qʷ̓ənɛs) frolic in the waves, see eagles (Q̓aykʷ) hunting salmon (ƛoχʷay), and learn the symbolism and cultural significance of these beautiful animals.

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Grizzly bear cubs courtesy of HWCT guest François Haffner

The Great Bears of Bute

Witness grizzly bears in their natural habitat on this breathtaking wildlife tour. Join an Indigenous guide and visit the traditional territory of the Homalco First Nation in Bute Inlet. Bear viewing and cultural immersion make for a one-of-a-kind adventure. 

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Whales, Wildlife and Culture

Enjoy an unforgettable experience with Qʷ̓ənɛs (whales) and other remarkable marine life, through the lens of First Nations Culture. View a variety of bird, whales and other marine mammals in their natural habitat as we venture through the Salish Sea.

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Private Charter Tours

Book your Private Charter and make it your own West Coast experience. Explore the Discovery Islands through the Salish Sea on our brand-new state-of-the-art covered boats featuring both "Comfort Seating" inside and zodiac-style "Adventure Seating" on the deck. Please contact us for availability.

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Xwe’malhkwu Culture

Xwémalhkwu - Homalco First Nation culture is rich with story, rooted in language and inspired by the land, wildlife, and traditional ways of life. We invite you to step into the Indigenous experiences and knowledge sharing led by our Xwémalhkwu guides.

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Conservation Efforts

Through a small conservation fee, included in the price of our tour, we directly contribute to conservation efforts for wild salmon, grizzly bears, and marine mammals. Your support is helping us restore salmon populations in the Orford River and ensuring the sustainable development of marine mammal and grizzly bear tourism in British Columbia and Vancouver Island.

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Getting Here

Join one of our tours from Campbell River to head over to the beautiful Bute Inlet. Not sure how to make your way here? Check out our tips on how to get here, where to fly in, and everything you need to get to the launch point of your tour.

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About Homalco Wildlife & Cultural Tours

Homalco Wildlife & Cultural Tours welcomes visitors to experience a deeper connection with the Indigenous culture of Homalco First Nation. We offer guided wildlife and cultural tours in our traditional territory of the Bute Inlet, with tours departing from Campbell River.

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